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Download An Introduction to Old Frisian: History, Grammar, Reader, by Rolf H. Bremmer Jr. PDF

By Rolf H. Bremmer Jr.

ISBN-10: 9027232555

ISBN-13: 9789027232557

This can be the 1st textual content publication to provide a complete method of outdated Frisian. half One starts with a succinct survey of the background of the Frisians throughout the center a long time, their society and literary tradition. subsequent keep on with chapters at the phonology, morphology, notice formation and syntax of previous Frisian. This half is concluded via a bankruptcy at the previous Frisian dialects and one on difficulties concerning the periodization of Frisian and the shut dating among (Old) Frisian and (Old) English. half includes a reader with a consultant collection of twenty-one texts with explanatory notes and a whole word list. A bibliography and a decide on index whole the e-book. Written by way of an skilled instructor and researcher within the box, An creation to previous Frisian is a vital source for college kids and researchers of Frisian, outdated English and different ‘Old’ Germanic languages and cultures, and for medievalists operating during this sector. The moment unrevised 2011 reprint of the unique variation includes numerous corrections.

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Bēn ‘bone’, brēd ‘broad’, ēr ‘before’, ēre ‘honour’, hēl ‘whole’, hēlich ‘holy’, stēn ‘stone’, wēsa ‘orphan’. Gmc *ai > OFris ā is found in āga ‘to have to’, āthum, -em ‘son-in-law’, fāch ‘outlawed’, fād ‘counterfeit’, frāse ‘danger’, gād ‘lack’, gāra ‘skirt, gore’, *gāsem ‘armful’ (cf. ], hār ‘honourable’ (cf. pl of ‘the’, twā ‘two’, wāch ‘wall’, wāsande ‘windpipe, trachea’, wrāk ‘crooked’. Finally, there is a restricted number of forms that show both ā and ē. They are: ēfte (rare) beside āfte ‘lawful’, ēin beside āin ‘own’, (n)ēn and (n)ān ‘(no) one’, ēnich/ēng and ānich/āng ‘any’, ēr(e)st beside ār(i)st ‘first’, gāst ‘ghost’ beside gēst (rare, probably < LG/ Du), hēm beside hām ‘home’, klēth beside klāth ‘cloth, dress’ (both sg), lēsta beside lāsta ‘to perform’, sēver beside sāver ‘spittle, saliva’.

Ockholm, Hall. = Halligen, Wied. = Wiedingharde, Mor. = Moring. NB. Ostfr. = Ostfriesisch, the Low German dialect spoken in the former Frisian districts there which still contains many Frisian substrate features. • • • • Chapter II. Phonology Research history: who first established the point; Comments on developments in cognate languages Other details connected with the change References Due to the introductory nature of this book, it has not been deemed desirable to have realized all of the above items here.

9). 3. ] ‘to roll (of a ship on the waves); to saunter, stroll’ might be another instance of labio-velar mutation, cf. ), but then we must take OFris slinge, slinger ‘strap; sling’ as Low German loans, which also ousted the mutated forms in all other branches of Frisian. 4. , within the same syllable), whereas in the latter it is heterosyllabic. (10) Loss of intervocalic -h- and contraction §54 Process Intervocalic *h < Gmc *χ was dropped, resulting by contraction of the preceding and following vowels in either a diphthong or a long monophthong.

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