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Download America Is Me: 170 Fresh Questions and Answers on Black by Kennell Jackson PDF

By Kennell Jackson

ISBN-10: 0060170360

ISBN-13: 9780060170363

Using a question-and-answer structure and organized chronologically by way of period, this readable, vigorous examine examines hundred key elements of African-American historical past and tradition, from slavery to the humanities, sciences, civil rights stream, and extra. travel.

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Most of this ran across the Sahara desert. But it was the Portuguese who “pioneered” the trade along the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Still, it is unfair to blame only them. In time nearly every European nation lusted after the profits of the Atlantic slave trade. Actually, the British did the most business in this human commerce. The French too managed a tidy profit. So did Spanish, Dutch, German, Danish, and Swedish traders. All these merchants made the Atlantic slave trade into the biggest emporium of humans in world history.

Nixon, Haldeman reports, “pointed out that there has never in history been an ade- Living Gifts from Old Africa / 23 quate Black nation, and they [Blacks] are the only race of which this is true…. ” This was Nixon’s way of saying that American Blacks had done poorly, that they were the welfare wards of America. ” Nixon’s few words were volatile ones. First, by claiming that Blacks had “never in history” produced a decent nation, he was harshly judging the whole of Black history. Second, he singled out Blacks as the only deficient “race” in the production of nations.

Her achievements were many: trading expeditions, a surge in building, and excellent government. Murals portrayed her as a male pharaoh, wearing a man’s crown and a beard. She built her splendid tomb beneath the cliffs of Deir el-Bahari. This is how she assessed her reign: “I have restored that which had been ruined. ) Originally from Nubia, Tiy came to Egypt from an important noble family. Her intellect, style, and character inspired Pharaoh Amenhotep III to marry her. She was the chief wife among his many wives.

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