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Download Alchemy Ancient and Modern by H. Stanley Redgrove PDF

By H. Stanley Redgrove

ISBN-10: 1564591433

ISBN-13: 9781564591432

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S: A Treatise on Chemistry, vol. i. (1905), p. 9. 17. One hundred and Fourteen Experiments and Cures of the Famous Physitian Theophrastus Paracelsus, whereunto is added. certain Secrets of Isaac Hollandus, concerning the Vegetall and Animall Work (1652), p. 35. 18. BERNARD, EARL OF TRÉVISAN: A Treatise of the Philosophers Stone, 1683 (see Collectanea Chymica: A Collection of Ten Several Treatises in Chemistry, 1684, P. 91). 19. Sir GEORGE RIPLEY: The Compound of Alchemy (see Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, edited by Elias Ashrnole, 1652, p.

This work is almost entirely autobiographical, describing Charnock's alchemistic experiences. He tells us that he was initiated into the mysteries of the Hermetic Art by a certain James S. of Salisbury; he also had another master, an old blind man, who on his death-bed instructed Charnock. com 53 ALCHEMY Unfortunately, however, Thomas was doomed to failure in his experiments. On the first attempt his apparatus caught fire and his work was destroyed. His next experiments were ruined by the negligence of a servant.

As writes Espagnet in his Hermetic Arcanum, canons 64 and 65: "The Means or demonstrative signs are Colours, successively and orderly affecting the matter and its affections and demonstrative passions, whereof there are also three special ones (as critical) to be noted; to these some add a Fourth. The first is black, which is called the Crow's head, because of its extreme blackness, whose crepusculum sheweth the beginning of the action of the fire of nature and solution, and the blackest midnight sheweth the perfection of liquefaction, and confusion of the elements.

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