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Download Aerial Plant Surface Microbiology (The Language of Science) by Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot PDF

By Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot

ISBN-10: 0306453827

ISBN-13: 9780306453823

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Nutrient ratios at the leaf surface can be different from the leaf tissues. Carbohydrates cross through cherry laurel leaf cuticle at different speeds. This selectivity was maintained after wax extraction with chloroform (30s and 100s). Carbohydrates in the waxes were accessible with chloroform according to the distribution and quantities of alkanoic acids. The information provided by the nutrients on the leaf surface is complex, and integrates a great variety of factors: plant physiology and metabolism, plant species, leaf cuticle properties and adaptation of both plant and cuticle to environmental conditions.

M. and then a progressive fall until reaching the low Nutrients on the Leaf Surface 35 ® e • @ & vdgar~s @ @ 0 0 S; jacobaea S sytva#cus E @ © 0 Q ¸Q S, viscosus ~ ~ discriminant function 1 Figure 7. Discrimination of four Senecio species on the basis of their proportions of amino acids on the leaf surface. 9% of the variation, respectively. values observed 24 hours before. Leaking, and then accumulation of carbohydrates on the leaf surface were followed by a decrease in sugars which is most probably due to the re-entry of molecules into the plant tissues (Figure 9).

Chem. Rg[~ Data 18:1111-1229. E. 1959, Development of the cuticular layer in angiosperm leaves. Am. J. Bot. 46:625-635. G. 1985, Allgemeine Mikrobiologie, Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, New York. , Merida, T. and Sch6nherr, J. 1981, Water permeability and fine structure of cuticular membranes isolated enzymatically from leaves ofClivia miniata Reg. Z. Pflanzenphysiol. 105:41-51. Sch6nherr J. 1982, Resistance of plant surfaces to water loss: Transport properties of cutin, suberin and associated lipids, pp.

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