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By C. Hellio, D. Yebra

ISBN-10: 1420094904

ISBN-13: 9781420094909

A precis of present learn and its useful implications, this booklet discusses marine fouling organisms and their effect, trying out and improvement of antifouling coatings, advancements in chemically-active marine antifouling applied sciences, and new floor methods to the regulate of marine biofouling. It offers an authoritative review of modern advances in figuring out the biology of fouling organisms, the newest advancements on antifouling screening recommendations either within the box and within the laboratory, examine on more secure lively compounds and the growth on unhazardous coatings with tailored floor homes.

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2 Enzymes as antifoulants Another strategy that holds promise for its ability to interfere with adhesion is the use of enzymes – direct enzymatic antifouling in the terminology of Olsen et al. (2007). , Houghton 1970; Christie 1973). , Callow and Callow 2002; Wiegemann 2005a; Khandeparker and Anil 2007; Kamino 2008) have received most attention recently (Pettitt et al. 2004; Olsen et al. 2007; Aldred et al. 2008; Leroy et al. , Rittschof et al. 1991; Dobretsov et al. 2007). A combined nanotube-enzyme approach to improve the antifouling performance of a poly(methyl methacrylate) coating (Asuri et al.

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