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Download Advanced biological active polyfunctional compounds and by Nodar Lekishvili, Gennady Zaikov, Bob Howell PDF

By Nodar Lekishvili, Gennady Zaikov, Bob Howell

ISBN-10: 1612090923

ISBN-13: 9781612090924

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Read Online or Download Advanced biological active polyfunctional compounds and composites: Health, cultural heritage and environmental protection PDF

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We used a few criterions for the rating of specificity of caffeine center activation. The first: the substance must decrease the Ca2+-accumulating effectiveness. The rate of Ca2+-ATPase function must be not changed at the beginning of reaction, but must activated at the middle and last phases, because all amount of Ca2+accumulated just was released from FSR through the activated RyR. And Ca2+ cannot inhibit Ca2+-ATPase activity from FSR lumen. Second: Ca2+-accumulating effectiveness must be decreased only for caffeine-sensitive FSR, because caffeine-insensitive FSR haven’t any RyR.

Based on quantum-chemical calculations and experimental data, the direction of the reaction of nitration has been established. To model physical properties of biologically active 16 anilides and nitroanilides, we studied quantitative “structure-properties” relationships (QSPR) on the basis of the experimental data. We used several sets of molecular descriptors. The dataset outliers were identified by using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). As a modeling technique, we applied Projections to Latent Structures (PLS).

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