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By Eugene Raikhel

Bringing anthropological views to endure on dependancy, the members to this significant assortment spotlight the contingency of habit as a class of human wisdom and adventure. in line with ethnographic learn performed in websites from alcohol therapy clinics in Russia to Pentecostal dependancy ministries in Puerto Rico, the essays are associated by way of the members' realization to the dynamics—including the cultural, clinical, criminal, spiritual, own, and social—that form the that means of "addiction" particularly settings. They learn the way it is known and skilled between pros operating within the felony justice process of a rural West Virginia neighborhood; Hispano citizens of latest Mexico's Espanola Valley, the place the speed of heroin overdose is without doubt one of the optimum within the usa; homeless ladies partaking in an outpatient dependancy remedy software within the Midwest; machine-gaming addicts in Las Vegas, etc. The collection's editors recommend "addiction trajectories" as an invaluable rubric for examining the altering meanings of dependancy throughout time, position, associations, and person lives. Pursuing 3 fundamental trajectories, the individuals convey how habit comes into being as an item of information, a domain of healing intervention, and a resource of subjective experience.

Contributors. Nancy D. Campbell, E. Summerson Carr, Angela Garcia, William Garriott, Helena Hansen, Anne M. Lovell, Emily Martin, Todd Meyers, Eugene Raikhel, A. Jamie Saris, Natasha Dow Schüll

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Having privately suffered through the initial torments of heroin withdrawal, it was now expected that she begin putting addictive experience into a social and linguistic frame—an exercise central to the clinic’s therapeutic process. Alma pulled at her hair uncomfortably; her body twitched, and pebbles of sweat collected on her brow. For several minutes, she looked around the small, windowless office and stared blankly at the counselor. )≤ Indeed, it was Alma’s second admission to the detoxification clinic in a year and her sixth admission to a drug recovery program in just five years.

Duff 2011; Gomart 2004; Weinberg 2011). However, in Mollie’s experience of them, and particularly in her experience of them as constitutive loci of her addiction, these spaces and places take on an imaginary quality. The trajectory she traverses over the course of her addiction signifies a space where the real and imaginary meet. Mollie’s map thus charts the kinds of trajectories that emerge through the movement spurred on by addiction. These trajectories eventually become constitutive of the experimental system of addiction, blurring the distinction between addiction and subjectivity, trajectory, and milieu.

There are other kinds of scars, such as those on the skin. The needle marks and abscesses that mapped Alma’s body—open wounds in the literal sense—powerfully attested to how addiction is also a historical formation and immanent experience. These are wounds in which the future, the present, and the past commingle through the force of recurring need: the need to score heroin, the need to get high, the need to find a vein. Alma once described it to me this way: ‘‘The thing about being hooked is you’re always thinking ahead, thinking about your next fix, how you’re going to get the money, where it’s going to come from.

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