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Download Acupuncture for Insomnia by Hamid Montakab PDF

By Hamid Montakab

ISBN-10: 313164401X

ISBN-13: 9783131644015

Insomnia and comparable sleep problems main issue 10-40% of the grownup
population or even as much as 25% of kids, affecting alertness and reminiscence,
causing emotional and actual fatigue, and placing the person at elevated
risk for melancholy, heart problems, high blood pressure and different wellbeing and fitness
hazards. Acupuncture for Insomnia: Sleep and goals in chinese language Medicine offers a powerful remedy for power and acute sleeplessness utilizing healing suggestions from either TCM in addition to classical chinese language drugs.

Special Features:

  • Provides complete heritage at the body structure, motives, and
    treatment of sleep problems, drawing key parallels among options of Western
    and chinese language drugs
  • Classifies all acupuncture issues that impact sleep to
    help in identifying the main applicable therapy on your sufferer
  • Offers an in depth research of sleep in chinese language drugs
    to provide you with an entire knowing of the energetics of sleep and wakefulness
  • Analyzes the importance of goals in chinese language drugs
    and how goals may be skillfully built-in right into a patient’s therapy

from the original point of view of a doctor who's additionally expert in TCM and
classical acupuncture, this e-book offers quite a few case examples, and an
up-to-date evaluation of clinical reviews on chinese language drugs and sleep. it truly is an
essential reference for all acupuncture practitioners who supply optimum remedy to sufferers with insomnia, sleep issues, and different sleep pathologies.

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In cases of worry or obsessive thinking with spleen qi vacuity: supplement pi shu BL-20 and drain yi she BL-49. ● In cases of fear from kidney qi vacuity: supplement shen shu BL-23 and drain zhi shi BL-52. In case of emotional manifestations from repletion of qi, the ying (spring) and shu (stream) points should be used: ● In case of intense anger or rage from liver fire: drain xing jiang LR-2 and tai chong LR-3. Etiology and Treatment of Insomnia ● In case of overexcitement and manic behavior from heart fire: drain shao fu HT-8 and shen men HT-7.

In this case, the yin qiao vessel is involved, which is confirmed by the tenderness of jiao xin KI-8. The channels to be considered are the shao yin (heart and kidney) channels. The treatment will involve five or six points: zhao hai KI-6 on the side where jiao xin KI-8 is sensitive, lie que LU-7 on the opposite side, and shen men HT-7, tai xi KI-3, lian quan CV-23, or some other appropriate shao yin point such as you men KI-21, shen feng KI-23, ling xu KI-24, shen cang KI-25, and so on. ● Difficulty falling asleep, the person is too tired to read, or they cannot fall asleep from worry.

Chong mai, Sea of Blood, Sea of the five Zang and the six Fu, Sea of the 12 Channels, is the organizer of yin. Yin wei mai, the Preserver or Binder of Yin, maintains the balance between the inside and outside and controls the blood; hence, it influences the heart and the shen. Yang qiao mai regulates the intensity of yin, mainly at nighttime, and accelerates yin. Organization of Sleep The yin and yang qiao mai have traditionally been indicated for sleep pathologies, more specifically for symptoms related to day and night: ● Yin qiao mai symptoms: – Repletion: hypersomnia, headaches, epilepsy (worse during the day); medial leg pains or general spasms, lumbar pain (radiating to the genitals or to the chest and neck); difficulty swallowing; redness of the inner corner of the eye, chronic eye diseases – Vacuity: insomnia, headaches, pains (worse at night); convulsions; weakness or paralysis of the legs; blurred vision, difficulty opening the eyes, anuria, spermatorrhea, impotence, sterility, menstrual cycle problems, and so on Yang qiao mai symptoms: – Repletion: insomnia; headaches (worse at night); lumbar pains, one-sided pains or weakness; pains and tightness (not localized, worse at night), lateral leg and hip pains and spasticity; internal or external wind; convulsions, tinnitus, epilepsy, Parkinson disease; nose bleeds; red and painful eyes, exophthalmia – Vacuity: lassitude during the daytime, lack of strength, unilateral paralysis of the leg, hemiplegia, apathy; excessive lacrimation The yin and yang wei mai are involved in regulating wei qi and in its movements between the surface and the deeper areas; hence, they play an important role in the muscular and mental relaxation necessary for sleep to occur: ● Yang wei mai symptoms: – Repletion: alternating fever and chills; sensitivity to changes in the weather; insomnia with easy waking; chest oppression; changing moods; pains and spasms, lumbar pain; skin hyperesthesia, arthralgia (of the hands or heels), parotiditis, diarrhea, headache with heat or thunderstorms; red eyes or excessive lacrimation (with wind); otitis, deafness, tinnitus; acute sinusitis; facial neuralgia; eczema of the neck or ears – Vacuity: coldness, loss of strength with changes in the weather (snow, rain); weakness or stiffness of the limbs ● Yin wei mai symptoms: – Repletion: tightness or pain in the chest (tai yin [supreme or greater yin]: stinging pain; jue yin [terminal yin]: sharp pain; shao yin [lesser yin]: stabbing pain); pain along the lower border of the rib cage; pain and spasms in the legs, very cold limbs, energy shooting upward in the body, intense headaches (vertex or occiput), hypertension; intestinal gas; lumbar aches (after emotional shock); palpitations; fear, panic attacks, phobia, agitation, nervous tics, nervous eating Sleep and the Extraordinary Vessels – Vacuity: vacuity of the heart and lung, hypotension, ptosis; depression, tears; oversensitivity; insomnia resulting from fear A number of recent studies have demonstrated that, under normal conditions, the internal organization of sleep allows for a reduction in the length of sleep due to an increase in its depth with no somatic consequences (Horne and Wilkinson 1985).

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