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By Kinley MacGregor

ISBN-10: 0061087114

ISBN-13: 9780061087110

Few recognize Morgan Drake's actual name—but many worry the ocean Wolf, the scourge of the sea, a fearless pirate who frees inspired American sailors from British vessels. Now a gorgeous reporter is keen to hazard her existence, her innocence, and her center to bare the secrets and techniques that Morgan is decided to guard at any rate . . . A headstrong and brave younger lady in a man's international, Serenity James is aware she is only tolerated in her father's newspaper workplace. An particular tale concerning the dreaded Sea Wolf, notwithstanding, will earn her the honor she so fervently wants. yet she by no means anticipated to be abducted by means of the horny and unsafe brigand whose daring exploits have fired her imagination—or to find the journey she's constantly longed for in Morgan Drake's passionate caress.

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She rolled her eyes dramatically. “Why, my father would have my head. ” Her smile enchanting, she brushed a piece of lint from his hat. “Oh, he’s a clever one to be sure! It’ll take some doing to top this. ” As she continued her babbling, a strange odor caught him by surprise. It seemed to be encircling him. 32 Kinley MacGregor Turpentine? Confusion dampened his temper while he glanced about for the source. It had to be turpentine, yet he couldn’t imagine where it came from. Then he realized its source.

And then he had assumed . . Oh, this was rich. Truly rich. His anxiety had finally come home to roost. Wouldn’t Barney have a good laugh about this? On second thought, he better keep it to himself. The less Barney knew, the more peace he’d have. Morgan took Douglas’s proffered hand. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. ” Douglas turned back to Serenity. “I just wanted to let you know that Annie isn’t feeling well. ” Finally her gaze settled on Morgan and for a moment she became so pale he thought she might actually faint.

Morgan lifted his brow at her words. Even A PIRATE OF HER OWN 37 though she spoke with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, he didn’t like being called the blight of the world. ” Serenity shoved his hat into his hands and eyed the matron, who was scowling at the two of them. ” With an expediency that astounded him, he found himself back outside in the drizzling rain, standing next to his two men. A moment later he watched while Serenity and her sister were whisked away by the speeding brown coach.

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