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By Kristin Hannah

ISBN-10: 0449149722

ISBN-13: 9780449149720

Devon O'Shea involves the Yukon Territory looking for gold, yet as a substitute she reveals Stone guy McKenna, a mountainous slab of animosity who believes the Yukon is not any position for a girl. while he makes an attempt to persuade her of this with a savage kiss, she unearths herself feeling, for the 1st time in her lifestyles, female and alive. And Devon starts to wonder whether she can have struck gold finally . . .

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I didn't mean to offend you. It's just-" "Lady," he said in a weary voice, "in the Yukon we eat three things in the winter. Beans, bacon, and sourdough flapjacks. " Grimacing tightly, she speared a bite-size chunk of flapjack and popped it into her mouth. She chewed hesitantly, then faster, a smile darting across her face. " She couldn't help staring. He was sitting all hunched over with his big arm slung around his plate as if he expected it to be yanked away at any moment. He'd swirled together all the food, and the result was a gooey pile of red-brown.

A frisson of discomfort crawled up Devon's spine. Why didn't he look pleased? "Y-Yes. It'll make things ever so much easier," she said, knowing she was beginning to babble but unable to stem her words. She always babbled when she was nervous. "You see, the soup is between the soap and the snow glasses. How could it be any simpler? Of course, it was difficult to decide whether the glasses belonged with the G's or with the S's, but I decided-" "Most of my customers can't read! " Devon's mouth dropped open, and her hand flew up to cover the opening.

Shoveling in the last bite, he let his fork clang to the table and pushed to his feet. She set her fork down silently and looked up at him, wishing desperately that she had a napkin with which to dab her mouth. Just watching him eat made her feel . . dirty. " He wiped the greasy breakfast leavings from his beard and lips with the back of his sleeve. " The word came out in a grumbling belch. " His answer was a grunt. Grabbing his summerweight coat and hat, he started for the door. As his fingers curled around the latchstring, he stopped.

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