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Download A Grammar of Kharia (Brill's Studies in South and Southwest by John Peterson PDF

By John Peterson

ISBN-10: 9004187200

ISBN-13: 9789004187207

Kharia, spoken in central-eastern India, is a member of the southern department of the Munda relations, which types the western department of the Austro-Asiatic phylum, stretching from relevant India to Vietnam. the current learn presents the main huge description of Kharia to this point and covers all significant parts of the grammar. Of specific curiosity within the number of Kharia defined the following, is that there's no facts for assuming the life of parts-of-speech, corresponding to noun, adjective and verb. really features corresponding to reference, amendment and predication are expressed by way of one in every of syntactic buildings, pointed out the following as 'syntagmas'. the quantity may be of equivalent curiosity to basic linguists from the fields of typology, linguistic idea, areal linguistics, Munda linguistics in addition to South Asianists normally.

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L'] is also acceptable. 2. , the changes here are due only to the phonotactic rules of the language and are not restricted to particular morphemes. g. g. a'l-y-a'l 'of the water' This process has spread to most environments, so that it is now probably more appropriate to consider the underlying form of the genitive marker to be =ya'l instead of the etymologically expected form =a'l. No complex onsets or codas The progressive markers =te~·cf. (active voice) and =taljcf. 3) are realized as such only before the markers ofthe first and second persons, singular, the only two personal markers which begin with a vowel.

6 briefly deals with sentence prosody. 5, but also syntactically as well. 3 presents a brief discussion of the few derivational affixes of the language. Chapter 4 deals with the lexicon, predominantly with the issue of lexical classes or parts of speech. 3) is discussed in detail. 4 then shows that the issue is in fact much more complex in Kharia, as what is involved here are not lexical roots or stems but rather syntactic structures. 5. 6 deals with what are often considered com- INTRODUCTION 1HE KHARIA LANGUAGE 25 pounds in Kharia, where it is argued that most of the structures presumed to be compounds in previous literature are in fact merely juxtaposed contentive morphemes which do not form a tighter unit, although there are a few genuine compounds in the language, at least from a historical perspective.

There are four strategies that this author is aware of for dealing with these sounds, which while not phonemic (except for the glottal stop, which is marginally phonemic), are nevertheless very prominent features of the spoken language. 1. Glottalization is not indicated at all. Although this is relatively common practice, this strategy does not seem to have not been adopted by any organization striving for a standardized orthography. 2. g. (ai'tail), [o1"] 'house'). While this strategy is consistently used to indicate glottalized vowels, it cannot be used to indicate the pre-glottalized consonsants.

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