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Download A Florida Fiddler: The Life and Times of Richard Seaman by Gregory Hansen PDF

By Gregory Hansen

ISBN-10: 0817315535

ISBN-13: 9780817315535

A musical existence as excellent metaphor for Florida's cultural landscape.

This biography of 97-year-old Richard Seaman, who grew up in Kissimmee Park, Florida, is determined by oral heritage and folklore study to outline where of musicianship and storytelling within the state's historical past from one artist's point of view. Gregory Hansen provides Seaman's review of Florida's altering cultural panorama via his tall stories, own adventure narratives, legends, mess around song repertory, and outlines of day-by-day life.

Seaman's formative years stories of fiddling performances and rural dances clarify the function such gatherings performed in development and protecting social order in the group. As an grownup, Seaman moved to Jacksonville, Florida, the place he labored as a machinist and played together with his relations band. The evolution of his musical repertory from the early Nineteen Twenties during the Nineteen Fifties presents a source for reconstructing social lifestyles within the rural south and for figuring out how adjustments in musical kind replicate the state's more and more city social constitution. Hansen features a set of Seaman's mess around tunes, transcribed for the advantage of performer and researcher alike. The thirty tall stories incorporated within the quantity represent a consultant pattern of Florida’s oral culture within the early years of the 20 th century.

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