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Download A Debate Over Rights: Philosophical Enquiries by Matthew Kramer, N. E. Simmonds, Hillel Steiner PDF

By Matthew Kramer, N. E. Simmonds, Hillel Steiner

ISBN-10: 0585372284

ISBN-13: 9780585372280

This number of essays types a full of life debate over the basic features of criminal and ethical rights. The essays research no matter if rights essentially defend participants' pursuits or whether or not they as a substitute essentially let participants to make offerings.

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The Minister of Justice stated, “with this amendment homosexuals are being unequivocally informed that rather than relaxing existing measures we are going to take stricter steps for the protection of our youth” (Hansard, 1969, p. 4800). The committee recommended imposing a differential statutory age of consent for acts between males. Any immoral or indecent act committed by a male with a boy under 19 became a separate statutory offense, subject to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 years with or without a fine not exceeding 12,000 Rand in addition to such imprisonment [Sexual Offences Act, ss.

Now, rather than seeking to SOUTH AFRICA 29 perpetuate this evil, our courts should strive to alleviate it. It is incumbent on the legal system to remove barriers to full participation by all people. The legal recognition of homosexual equality in matters of family would, ideally, confirm South Africa’s commitment to full and equal justice for all people. (p. 575) DEMOCRACY, TOLERANCE, EQUALITY, AND OPPORTUNITY South Africa’s transition to democracy has presented new opportunities for a reevaluation of the law and the role of the state in fostering a system based on equality, individual dignity, and a commitment to human rights.

In order to justify their inclusion of this new category of unnatural crimes into the customary law of the indigenous people of the Transkei, they noted in their draft penal code that some tribes regarded same-sex conduct as the work of a wizard or a witch. In the same report they recommended the criminalization of acts of witchcraft. Historical reports of same-sex activity among indigenous African people are overlain by Eurocentric notions of what constituted “unnatural” activity. Theale (1887) alludes to “certain horrible customs” that took place during initiation rites (p.

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