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Download A Companion to Roma Aeterna: Based on Hans Ørberg’s by Jeanne Neumann, Hans H. Ørberg PDF

By Jeanne Neumann, Hans H. Ørberg

ISBN-10: 1585108413

ISBN-13: 9781585108411

A sequel to her well-known A Companion to Familia Romana (now in its moment edition), Jeanne Marie Neumann's A Companion to Roma Aeterna bargains a working observation, in English, of the Latin grammar coated in Hans H. Ørberg's Roma Aeterna, and comprises the total textual content of the Ørberg ancillaries Grammatica Latina and Latin–English Vocabulary II. It additionally serves in its place for Ørberg’s directions, on which it's based.

even though designed specifically for these impending Roma Aeterna at an speeded up speed, this quantity could be worthy to someone looking an particular exposition of that volume's implicitly offered grammar. as well as many revisions of the textual content, A Companion to Roma Aeterna additionally comprises new devices on cultural context, tied to the narrative content material of the chapter.

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Which sentences are long, which short? • How are the longer sentences constructed? ▷▷ Are clauses strung along paratactically, or hypotactically? , with participles, or with conjunctions)? ▷▷ Which thoughts occur in the main clauses, which in subordinate clauses? ▷▷ Do the clauses follow one another by an easily comprehensible logic, or must the reader work to piece the sentences together? , longer, carefully constructed sentences whose full meaning is kept somewhat in suspense until the end of the sentence?

The verb can be in the indicative even in indirect statement, when the speaker wishes to stress the factual basis of the clause or when the clause just explains something in the indirect statement (so doesn’t really belong to the indirect statement). 4. , fenestra clausa est: the window has been closed (secondary) the window is closed (primary). 229–230) Accēpisset is subjunctive because: • it is the verb in a subordinate clause in indirect statement introduced by glōriātus sit. pluperfect because: • the main verb glōriātus sit is perfect.

Praesidiō exercituī esse: to be a source of protection (praesidiō: purpose) to the army (exercituī: reference) XXXVI: TRICESIMVM SEXTVM: RŌMA AETERNA 3 II. ”6 You first met the gerundive, or verbal adjective, in Cap. XXXI. ” The gerundive can also be joined with a form of the verb “to be,” a construction which indicates something that is to be done. ” 5. The gerund is rare in the dative case. 6. In the example above, lavātum is a SUPINE (Cap. XXII). ” We also see the gerundive used in this way—expressing what is to be done to something—when used with the object of certain verbs.

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