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By Stella Cameron

ISBN-10: 038076833X

ISBN-13: 9780380768332

A suite of romance tales positive aspects the story of a Cornish maid who reveals love with the aid of a kindly nanny; a gallant gentleman starts anew with the girl who spurned him years prior to; and others.

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Esmie sat silently. The skin on her face felt stretched and her eyes prickled with unshed tears. Whatever happened, she would not regret the time she had spent here with William. Somehow she would find an answer to her problems and make a life for herself, but there could never be anyone who would erase the memory of the way this man made her feel. From the next room—his room—came muffled sounds. He'd asked her to remain in the only capacity a man of his rank could offer a woman of the station to which Esmie had sunk.

There they were, only yards away, just below the stone terrace railings. John and William rolled a ball of snow around, increasing its size with each swipe. Dressed in Lindsay's green velvet cloak with the swansdown trim, Esmie Bennett stood watching the man and his son. Lovely, Esmie looked in that cloak, too. Matched her eyes and made her look like an angel with white skin and curly black hair. And she was a lady. Nanny and Robins had put their heads together over that. Esmie Bennett was a lady come down in the world, but even if she weren't, she'd still be perfect for Master William.

She'd sat up. The color in her cheeks might be the result of annoyance, but it suited her. "I have my room in the servants' quarters," she informed him. " He did not want her to go to the servants' quarters. "That part of the house has been locked up until it's time for the staff to return. The area will be cold, damp even. " Where, damn the drive of his hunger, he could hope to catch more glimpses of her in dishabille. " She sounded obstinate now. "No, you shall not. " Snarling at her would gain him nothing.

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