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Download A century of parasitology: discoveries, ideas, and lessons by John Janovy Jr., Gerald W. Esch PDF

By John Janovy Jr., Gerald W. Esch

ISBN-10: 1118884760

ISBN-13: 9781118884768

Reviews key components in ecological, scientific and molecular parasitology

  • Features essays from many of the world's leading parasitologists


  • Each subject is determined in context by way of that includes a key paper from the magazine of Paraistology over the last a hundred years

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Read or Download A century of parasitology: discoveries, ideas, and lessons learned by scientists who published in the Journal of Parasitology, 1914-2014 PDF

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A. degree at Olivet College in Michigan in 1909, and taught high school in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York from 1909–1913. Several of the gregarines she described in the 1915 paper were collected during her years on Oyster Bay. Sc. D. in 1915, for her work on gregarines (University of Illinois, 1918). Her graduate work culminated in two large monographic treatments of the septate gregarines. Her doctoral thesis, “Studies on gregarines: Including descriptions of 21 new species and a synopsis of the eugregarine records from the Myriapoda, Coleoptera and Orthoptera of the world,” was published in 1916.

The origin and distribution of the Anura. American Naturalist 57: 385–411. ________. 1928a. The bell-toads and their opalinid parasites. American Naturalist 62: 5–21. ________. 1928b. ” Journal of Morphology and Physiology 45: 1–45. ________. 1929. Parasites and the aid they give in problems of taxonomy, geographical distribution, and palaeogeography. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 81: 1–36. Oransky, I. 2005. William Trager. The Lancet 365: 748. Percival, T. , R. E. Clopton, and J. Janovy, Jr 1995.

Relapse in malaria: An enigma. Journal of Parasitology 62: 2–9. ________. 1985. Reminiscences: My forty-year romance with malaria. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences 13: 5–11. ________, and E. West. 1937. Some notes on the effect of atebrine on the gametocytes of the genus Leucocytozoon. Journal of Parasitology 23: 227–228. ________, and ________. 1938. Some blood parasites from Nebraska birds II. American Midland Naturalist 19: 601–612. ________, and R. L. Roundabush. 1937. Some blood parasites from Nebraska birds.

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