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Download 9 Life Altering Lessons. Secrets of the Mystery Schools by Kala Ambrose PDF

By Kala Ambrose

Nine lifestyles changing classes: secrets and techniques of the secret faculties Unveiled For hundreds of thousands of years, a decide upon few attended historic secret colleges and temples world wide. those faculties taught the character and future of mankind, the mystical universe within which we stay, and published strong secrets and techniques relating to common common legislation. Inscribed above the doorway to at least one such secret tuition in historical Greece have been the phrases: "Man, comprehend Thyself." this straightforward word may possibly take a life-time to completely understand. Do you "remember" who you're and why you're the following? It was once those subject matters and others which have been explored via courageous souls who have been prepared to delve into the transformational teachings of the esoteric secret colleges. this data continues to be as legitimate and encouraging this day in the event you search to understand themselves on a deeper point of attention and wish to study the non secular mysteries. Attending a secret college some time past used to be more often than not a life-long direction as uniting the guts, brain and soul takes time and commitment. In nine existence changing classes: secrets and techniques of the secret college Unveiled, esoteric instructor Kala Ambrose brings one of the most vital and proper classes to the fashionable global. guy nonetheless seeks solutions to common mysteries and needs to grasp their actual nature and future in this earth. during this publication, Kala discusses a number of the historical secret university themes, that are designed to stir the soul, wake up the brain and show lengthy forgotten stories of prior lives in those colleges, in addition to encourage you to discover the beauty of who you actually are. observe your future and divine goal during this lifetime, that's greater than so much dwelling this present day can think! Kala takes you on a trip of self discovery whereas discussing themes corresponding to: . The lengthy Forgotten future of Your Soul . The airtight Axiom of As Above, So lower than . Alchemical variations of the guts, physique and brain . The Self-Realization of "Man, recognize Thyself." . Enigmatic trips from Neophyte to start up of a secret institution . Transformational Teachings of awareness and Self-Realization . common Truths from historical Esoteric knowledge . Exploring the mystical Universe within which We stay . Awakening on your Divine Self and Sacred energy

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This concept was understood in the past, much more than it is understood today. It was not so long ago when doctors offered prescriptions to their patients with the advice: retire to the country or the seaside for a period of three months, to restore vitality to the body. Many patients found that fresh air and removal from the stressful energy of the city did wonders to restore their health and their mood. This period of rest and relaxation also gave the auric field time to repair and restore as well.

It is at this point, the Neophyte begins to understand a more advanced esoteric teaching which is known as a teaching within a teaching. Known by mystery schools and alchemists, this teaching is a sacred formula: The Power of Thought + The Art of Creative Visualization = The Universal Power of Reality In short, the most important concept you can grasp from this lesson is that you have the power. ” -- Albert Einstein -- One of the most profound revelations a soul experiences on the Neophyte level, is when the student remembers that we are all energy beings surrounded and enveloped in various degrees of energy and motion.

It prefers to stay with what is familiar, as the lower self deals with fear as a primary motivating factor. Ego works daily to convince the lower self and mind that this is the best choice. The mantra of the ego says, if one stays with the familiar, the fears have been weighed and considered and one will be in greater control of all situations. The belief is that in keeping with this system, one stays safe and prepared for whatever is going to happen next. The ego never lets the mind forget that a negative experience is always sure to be looming around the next corner.

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