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Download 7 Days To A Housetrained Dog by Charles R. Heflin PDF

By Charles R. Heflin

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What you give your dog to eat impacts his or her bladder and bowel motions. That’s why you need to give your dog a balanced and nutritious diet as well as the right amounts. Otherwise, your dog could end up with loose stools and diarrhea or the other extreme of constipation. Plan the diet carefully with the help of the vet and be careful to give him a diet that has: Moderate grain content—because though dogs need it as source of energy, they do not need too much of it. Low sugar content—because sugar heightens the risk of cancer.

Make it seem special and he will see it as his own space. A Afftteerr n na ap p ttiim mee Have the crate in your line of vision as the dog sleeps. Since you will be nearby the crate, you will see your dog stir. Don’t hesitate a moment to scoop him up and go back to the elimination spot if he seems restless. Tell him that it’s potty time and set him down on the spot. He will probably go right away because dogs usually need to go after a nap. No matter what their age, all dogs need to relieve themselves after a nap.

The good thing is that your dog understands what action is associated with the words. At the potty spot, say ‘potty time’ and make sure that he does his job, even if it means hanging around for 10 or 15 minutes extra. This is because you want to be sure that he has an empty bladder because the plan is that he is going to spend some more time in the crate today while you attend to your daily activities. Let’s say you are going to loosen the ties of the apron strings to which he’s been attached to for the past two days.

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