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Download 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast. A Guide to Soul Awakening and by Michael Bernard Beckwith PDF

By Michael Bernard Beckwith

ISBN-10: 1401939163

ISBN-13: 9781401939168

Numbers held nice importance to the ancients, and the quantity forty is a continuing in a number of non secular traditions. With forty Day brain quick Soul banquet, you could commence your individual forty day transformational, mystical trip with a smart, skilled consultant who has walked the terrain for 30 years as a practitioner and instructor of meditation, affirmative prayer, and the existence Visioning strategy.

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Beckwith’s commitment to his personal practice of these timeless truths makes him a worthy vehicle for pointing many souls in the direction of spiritual unfoldment. I find him to be firmly planted in the earthly and the sublime, which gives him a deep compassion and sense of playfulness so refreshing in a spiritual teacher. My recent trip to India and Nepal with Michael was a revelation and a transformation into the nature of personal chaos, order, and agape. Mind fasting and soul feasting are activities of consciousness that ease us into an understanding of the transforming powers existent within us.

His second temptation was an invitation to put on display his spiritual powers by commanding angels to appear and protect him from bodily harm. Here he overcame the ego’s sense of false self-importance. Finally, during the third temptation to succumb to the allurement of owning worldly kingdoms, Jesus conquered the ego’s hunger for materialism, the false sense of ownership of things belonging to this temporal world. Every number held a significance to the ancients, and the number forty resounds throughout the Bible, specifically in connection with purification and spiritual triumphs: Jesus’ forty days and nights in the wilderness; Elijah fasted for forty days; the great flood of forty days and nights from which Noah was spared; Moses’ forty days and nights on Mount Sinai conversing directly with God.

AFFIRMATION What I think causes success to unfold in my experience. Divine love and inspiration flow through me, assuring my success in all my endeavors. DAY 14 The supreme awareness, the intimately felt Presence brings with it a rapture beyond joy, a knowledge beyond reason, a sensation more intense than that of life itself. Radhakrishnan COURTING THE INFINITE There is a longing within you, a mystical ache to express your intrinsic spiritual Self. This inner impulsion lovingly urges you forward until you catch the thought God had at the precise moment it projected you into existence.

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