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Download 30 More Fallacies by Michael LaBossiere PDF

By Michael LaBossiere

30 Fallacies is a significant other booklet for forty two Fallacies. forty two Fallacies isn't, although, required to take advantage of this ebook. It offers concise descriptions and examples of thirty universal casual fallacies.

Accent, Fallacy of
Accident, Fallacy of
Amphiboly, Fallacy of
Appeal to Envy
Appeal to workforce Identity
Appeal to Guilt
Appeal to Silence
Appeal to Vanity/Elitism
Argumentum advert Hitlerum
Complex Question
Confusing motives and Excuses
Cum Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
Equivocation, Fallacy of
Fallacious Example
Fallacy Fallacy
Historian’s Fallacy
Illicit Conversion
Incomplete Evidence
Moving the aim Posts
Oversimplified Cause
Overconfident Inference from Unknown Statistics
Pathetic Fallacy
Positive advert Hominem
Proving X, Concluding Y
Psychologist's fallacy
Reification, Fallacy of
Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy
Victim Fallacy
Weak Analogy

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Example text

Rob is such a great guy and I’m sure he’ll get a new job. ” Dan: “No. He didn’t tell her that he lost his job. He tried to find one, but he couldn’t and it kind of broke him. ” Illicit Conversion Description: This mistake occurs when someone makes illicit use of the conversion rule from categorical logic, which is a type of deductive logic. In deductive logic, conversion is a rule that allows the subject and predicate claims of a categorical claim to be exchanged. As with most rules, it has correct and incorrect applications.

Example of a Strong Inductive Argument Premise 1: Most American cats are domestic house cats. Premise 2: Bill is an American cat. Conclusion: Bill is domestic house cat. Example of a Factual Error Columbus, Ohio is the capital of the United States. Example of a Deductive Fallacy (Invalid Deductive Argument) Premise 1: If Portland is the capital of Maine, then it is in Maine. Premise 2: Portland is in Maine. Conclusion: Portland is the capital of Maine. (Portland is in Maine, but Augusta is the capital.

This error occurs in two ways. The first is when the rule is applied incorrectly in the context of categorical logic: if conversion is applied to an All S are P or Some S are not P claim, then the rule has been applied improperly. This can be easily shown by the following examples. The first example is that while it is true that all dogs are mammals, the conversion of this claim (that all mammals are dogs) is not true. As another example, the claim that some dogs are not huskies is true while its conversion (that some huskies are not dogs) is false.

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