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By Romy Fox

ISBN-10: 0071402748

ISBN-13: 9780071402743

American citizens spend greater than $4 billion a yr on over the counter headache treatments. This much-needed e-book examines the various sorts of complications, is helping determine their motives, and gives secure possible choices for headache remedy and prevention. From nutrients to meditation, therapeutic massage and homeopathy, this is the final word source for treating modern-day complications and combating tomorrow's.

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By using biofeedback techniques, not only will you know if a certain relaxation technique is working, but you’ll also know how well it’s working. 31 McGraw-Hill's Terms of Use 32 25 Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches You’ll also be able to improve your techniques because you’ll know instantly what is and isn’t effective. HEADACHE PRODUCERS THAT YOU CAN CONTROL So what does this technique have to do with your headaches? Simply this: biofeedback can help you identify and modify three major producers of headaches: the stress response, the fear of pain, and (believe it or not) low finger temperatures.

CLEAR THE AIR It’s not just the cleaning products that can cause problems: hair spray, air fresheners, soaps, aftershave, perfumes, cosmetics, moisturizers, and other common items may also be to blame. If your headaches are fairly new or have gotten worse or more frequent recently, ask your- Purify Your Environment 23 self if you’ve brought something new into the house, like a new sofa, new carpeting, or even newly dry-cleaned clothes. Chemicals found on new furniture, rugs, plastic toys, dry-cleaned clothes, and similar items waft their way into the environment as part of a process called outgassing.

Cluster headaches often start as a feeling of fullness in one ear, then evolve into a sharp pain that zaps the eye, cheek, or forehead as the blood vessels dilate and bring more blood to the head. In minutes, an excruciating pain settles in behind one eye or on one side of the head or face, then spreads throughout that side. Attacks of agonizing intensity can last between fifteen minutes and two hours, and often occur at the same time every day for weeks (usually in the middle of the night). Since cluster headaches involve dilation of the blood vessels, it’s important to avoid anything that has vasodilating action, like alcohol (even a sip), foods that contain nitrites, exercise, stress, or sudden changes in temperature.

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