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Download 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words (Beginners' Guides) by Seymour Resnick PDF

By Seymour Resnick

ISBN-10: 0486291138

ISBN-13: 9780486291130

Fundamental studying relief comprises definitions of universal Spanish phrases prepared through such different types as meals, numbers, days of the week, months, colours, seasons and relations. At the book's heart is a dictionary, from a to zapato, where every one notice is utilized in a Spanish sentence (with English translation) demonstrating its right use.

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Neither did 1. tapas f. pI. snacks, appetizers (at a bar) Van de cafeterfa en cafeterfa . probando las tapas. They're going from bar to bar tasting the appetizers . taquilla f. ticket office, box office Es la cola para la taquilla. It's the line for the box office . tarde late No llegue tarde. Don't arrive late. tarde f. afternoon Empezamos a las cuatro oe la tarde . M. c~rd tarjeta f. Mandare un tarjeta postal cada semana. I'll send a post' card every week. taza f. cup Una taza de te con lim6n, por favor.

Store, shop Hay muchas tiendas en esta calle. There are many stores on this street. tierra f. land, earth Es diffcil cultivar esta tierra. It's difficult to culti- vate this land . tijeras f. pI. scissors Es util traer tijeras si hay que cortar algo. It's use, ful to bring scissors in case you have to cut something. tinta f. ink Hay que firmar con tinta. You have to sign in ink. tfpico typical Quisieramos probar una com ida tfpica de esta regi6n. a typical meal of this region . tirar to throw, pull No tires arena, chico.

Answer, reply Esperamos su respuesta. We are awaiting their reply. retraso m. delay El tren llego con un retraso de dos horas. The train arrived with a two-hour delay . retrato m. picture {of people}, portrait Lleva un retrato de su esposa e hijos en su cartera. He carries a picture of his wife and children in his wallet. reuni6n f. meeting, reunion Es una reunion de profesores de lenguas modemas. It's a meeting of modern-language teachers . revelar to reveal, develop {film} lCuanto cuesta revelar un rollo?

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